By Frédéric J. Pont

Planetary atmospheres are complicated and evolving entities, as mankind is quickly coming to grasp while trying to comprehend, forecast and mitigate human-induced weather switch. within the sun approach, our neighbours Venus and Mars offer awesome examples of 2 endpoints of planetary evolution, runaway greenhouse and lack of surroundings to space.

The number of extra-solar planets brings a much broader perspective to the difficulty: from hot "hot jupiters'' to ocean worlds, exo-atmospheres discover many configurations unknown within the sun method, reminiscent of iron clouds, silicate rains, severe plate tectonics, and steam volcanoes. Exoplanetary atmospheres have lately turn into available to observations.

This booklet places our personal weather within the wider context of the pains and tribulations of planetary atmospheres. in line with state of the art study, it makes use of a grand travel of the atmospheres of alternative planets to polish a brand new mild on our personal surroundings, and its relation with life.

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